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Accommodation & Programs


Respite care

A short stay before one returns back to their home ideal for someone who:

  • Recovering from medical illness or after having suffered a fall. when they need some support and attention so one can recover faster have delicious meals prepared, medication management, personal care needs attended to
  • For those rehabilitating from surgery ready to leave hospital but not ready to be alone at home
  • For those whose family members who are about to travel and want a safe caring assisted living home temporarily
  • Visiting from interstate for a function or event
  • Whilst one’s home is being renovated or modified

Medium-term stay

Ideal for clients who are:

  • Waiting for permanent placement elsewhere
  • In between changing residence


Long term stay

Ideal for clients who want or need to move into an aged care home for many varied reasons

  • A change in their medical health
  • Remaining at home is no longer an option
  • A change in family dynamics
  • Wishing to live with support and attention when they need it


Self Directed Care Planning

This is designed to ensure residents and representative have autonomy of how and when they receive care according to the lifestyle they wish to live.

Health Watch Run

Weekly checking recording and reporting of health benchmarks to provide general practitioners great diagnostic insights by our registered nurse.

Settling in and orientation program

A comprehensive moving in and settling in program designed to allow a new resident to integrate and feel comfortable in their new home.

Concierge outing program

Our social coordinator will ensure that a new resident is taken out for one on one time to explore the neighbourhood and visit their old home and stop for coffee along the way.

Chaperoned appointment service

Never worry again about getting to and from medical appointments. Caulfield Manor personalizes and coordinates each appointment for residents.